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by System Administrator - Tuesday, 26 May 2015, 7:22 PM

Pelajar diminta menjawab soalselidik di alamat berikut,

CyberSAFE In Schools

Cyber Security Awareness For Everyone

A smart public-private partnership programme aimed at creating cyber safety awareness and empowering students and teachers with knowledge and skills to strengthen their digital resilience and strengthen positive digital citizenship. and

CyberSAFE Community

Join the CyberSAFE community of ambassador teachers to find out more of the programmes and events happening across schools in Malaysia.

Safe Internet


Capacity Building among Malaysian Children on Staying Safe Online


Read the first nationwide survey on internet safety and digital resilience of Malaysian schoolchildren in the National Survey 2014: CyberSAFE in Schools report, themed Safety Net: Capacity Building Among Malaysian Schoolchildren on Staying Safe Online.